Elaine AR

The History of Elaine

Around the turn of the 20th century, two men, a real estate man and a noted geologist were riding through the hills of Missouri looking over mineral prospects. The geologist had been all over the world. During a discussion concerning land values in different countries of the world, the real estate man asked, “Where in the course of your travels did you find the richest land you have ever seen?” The geologist road along some distance in silence and soon responded, “The most fertile land I know of is in Phillips County Arkansas between the White and Mississippi Rivers. The confluence of the heavy silt bearing Mississippi with the lime of the While River has built up a soil more textile than any land in the Nile Valley”. The geologist was Dr. J. C. Branner, then State Geologist of Arkansas, and for many years afterward President of Leland Stanford University in California. His companion was Harry E. Kelley of Fort Smith, Arkansas.
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